We chose to carry certifications because our beef is Organic and Non-GMO meaning our entire supply chain is clean, and we want to ensure the end customer (you!) know it. We also support labeling efforts of both Organic and Non-GMO because we strongly believe people have the right to know what is in their food and what is not. 


Mindful Meats is Certified USDA Organic with CCOF (California Certified Organic Farmers). We believe in being certified organic because of the program's holistic approach to animal husbandry and land stewardship. Being third party audited is a point of pride for us and ensures you, our customers, that we are upholding the values you are looking for in your food. This means the entire supply chain of Mindful Meats is organic, from everything that goes into the cow like pasture, feed, and mineral supplements, to the harvest process and handling of the beef. We take pride in our program being the first on the cut line at the processing plant every time to ensure the cleanliness and integrity of our beef. 

Non-GMO Verified.

In 2013 Mindful Meats became the first Non-GMO Project Verified Beef in the United States. We are Non-GMO Project Verified because we believe in routine testing of high risk feed crops and in spreading that belief through volunteered labeling. We worked with the United States Department of Agriculture, a chicken producer and an egg producer to help secure approval of the Non-GMO Project labeling standards and the Non-GMO Project's packaging seal by the United States Department of Agriculture. What this means for our beef is that everything fed to the cows is tested for contamination by Genetic Engineering (GE) or Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs). This testing includes any high risk grain snack given to the cows during milking, as well as alfalfa which was increased to a high risk contamination status in 2015 for GE. None of our animals have been genetically altered.

Animal Welfare Approved recommended Harvest.

Our harvest facility is Animal Welfare Approved recommended. The animals are treated humanely and cared for very well. We are also happy to see that the National Organics program is adding much more in-depth animal welfare requirements in the Summer of 2016 that are on par with many of the certified humane and animal welfare guidelines. 


Join us for a quick peek into what our certifications mean! Feel free anytime to ask further questions about our program.