Mindful Meats’ groundbreaking philosophy in meat sourcing is refreshing and very much needed. The current meat marketplace is a truly difficult place to find delicious, respected and sustainably harvested animals – this company does.
— Executive Chef Nicolaus Balla, Bar Tartine Restaurant, San Francisco

Quality with every cut

The quality of the beef is unique to anything else on the market. Learn more about our sourcing and our cows by clicking here. The Holstein is known for their sweetness in flavor and the Jersey for their butterfat that translates to the beef. Our beef is sweet, buttery and rich with a clean finish. Raised on pasture and never transferred to a finishing lot, the beef has similar positive nutritional qualities to 100% grass-fed, including high Omega 3s, beta-carotene, vitamin E, and conjugated linoleic acid (CLA). However, the flavor is not the same as grass fed. The flavor of Mindful Meats beef is sweeter and more buttery due to the breeds and variety in the lifetime diet of our cows. 


Magic of Mature Animals

Being dual purpose cows, our cows are allowed to live longer and to fully mature. More refined than just “tender," a defining quality of a young Angus beef, Mindful Meats beef is “mature” like a fine wine or cheese, the beef takes on delicious intricate qualities when allowed to age beyond 2 years old. One of the most important defining characteristics is the intramuscular marbling that happens in our beef. A young cow simply hasn’t had the time to develop deep intramuscular marbling. This form of marbling is what makes the difference in every bite of Mindful Meats. Learn more about our unique cows.

Not your average ground beef

Unlike conventional ground beef, our ground beef is produced using whole muscles from the entire cow. This means the ribeyes, strip steaks, chuck rolls, and short ribs all become part of the grind. This develops a truly unique ground beef. The tenderness and taste simply does not compare to anything else on the market. Thanks to using the highest quality cuts, rest assured that our ground beef is both the cleanest and tastiest around.

Cooking Tips

In general, our beef cooks quickly. Our ground beef is excellent for your burgers and meatballs. We recommend grilling our burgers on medium high for 2-3 minutes on each side. Out steaks are best cooked medium to keep them nice and juicy. 

New York Steak

  • The classic steakhouse cut
  • Tender, flavorful, and juicy
  • Dry rub or salt and pepper and pan-sear or grill on medium
  • Also called: Strip Steak, Club Steak, Kansas City Steak


  • Our most tender cut
  • Lean with a relatively subtle flavor compared to other cuts
  • Broil in the oven, cast iron pan fry, or grill on medium heat
  • Also called: Filet Mignon


  • Rich and buttery with beautiful marbling; from the best part of the prime rib
  • Dry rub or salt and pepper and pan-sear or grill on medium
  • Also called: Rib Steak, Cowboy Ribeye, Cowboy Cut, Delmonico Steak



  • Juicy and flavorful
  •  Best grilled slowly over low heat
  • Also called: Top Butt, Culotte



  • Cut from the chuck or round of the animal
  • First sear and then add to broth and simmer 
chuck roast.jpg


  • Versatile shoulder cut with a robust, beefy flavor
  • Stew, slow cook, braise, or pot roast
  • Also called: Shoulder Roast, Clod Roast