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Modern Farmer 4/29/19: New Country for Old Cows

“Any rancher I talked to would say ‘Good luck getting a steak out of a dairy cow. Never gonna happen — it’s too tough. People are never going to eat it because it’s too tough. Who cares about flavor?’”…

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Los Angeles times 4/5/19: Rich, intense steaks from older, 'mature' cows

“I’d never seen anything so beautiful,” she sighs, eyes closed. “They presented it to me raw, and the meat was a deep red, with this gorgeous bright yellow fat. I picked the biggest one, and it came out perfectly cooked, with a powerful beef flavor. My heart was racing with every bite. It was one of the best meals of my entire life.”…

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Wall Street Journal 7/31/18: Have you meet this cow? she's delicious.

Vaca Vieja steak is made from a “hand-selected working cow.” The beef comes from a meat company called Mindful Meats, where, on the cow’s “final day,” employees “look each cow in the eye and say ‘thank you’ as they load onto the trailer,”...


Taste 7/9/18: To Eat a dairy Cow

Holsteins, Jerseys, and other dairy breeds are being used for meat once the milking is done. And it’s turned out to be some of the best-tasting beef around...

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Civil Eats 3/9/17: Less Meat, Better Food, Happier Kids: Oakland Unified Reinvents its School Lunch

And because OUSD chose to source organic, grass-fed beef from Mindful Meats, which sources its meat from retired dairy cows, the beef has a smaller carbon footprint...

Point Reyes Light 2/16/17: Mindful Meats merges with marin sun

"While honeymooning in Switzerland last summer, Claire Herminjard and David Evans found themselves bombarded with messages about their respective meat businesses back home..."

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San Francisco Chronicle 2/13/17: Point Reyes Couple's Merger brings local meat to wider audience

"...the two are beginning to reach their original goal of bringing local meat to a wider audience. That’s in large part because Marin Sun Farms also operates a Petaluma slaughterhouse and has a delivery and sales infrastructure that removes some of the typical barriers faced by small ranchers and meat companies..."

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The Press Democrat 2/8/17: petaluma's marin sun farms merges with marin meat business

"As part of the merger, Mindful Meats will become an organic beef product line of Marin Sun Farms. Marin Sun’s founder David Evans will remain CEO, and Mindful Meats CEO Claire Herminjard will become co-executive of Marin Sun..."

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North Bay Business Journal 2/8/17: Marin Sun Farms, Mindful Meats are merging

"The merger creates an expansion for the organic pastured beef market, allowing increased access to quality affordable meat for retail, health care and institutional customers while supporting local organic farmers and ranchers’ livelihoods..."

east bay express 10/24/16: With the Adoption of a New Food Procurement Policy, OUSD's School Lunch Program Gets a Grade

"How do you provide lunch for an entire city of hungry schoolchildren on a budget of just $1.25 a meal — and do so while also making sure the food is highly nutritious and sustainably sourced, and that it puts money back into the local economy?"

NOSH 10/20/16: Already a leader, OUSD ups ante on feeding students

"Part of the work that will happen once OUSD formally adopts this policy is working on sourcing more humanely raised meat, as well as food and other products from companies following fair-labor practices and paying a living wage..."

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Nation's Restaurant News 10/11/16: Chefs experiment with older meat

"Dulye served us a 35-day dry-aged strip steak from a seven- to nine-year-old cow. It was unlike any steak I’d ever had..."


munchies 9/21/16: Why chef josé andrés wants you to eat old meat

"Andrés sampled about 500 cuts of meat before finding the right flavor in cattle from Mindful Meats... Hunks of Mindful Meats’ products take up a considerable amount of real estate in Bazaar Meat’s dry-aging fridges..."

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The press democrat 9/17/16: With measure M, sonoma county's GMo foes seek to bolster organic agiculture

"At McClelland’s Dairy west of Petaluma last week, cows needed no prodding to line up alongside metal rails where workers attached pumps to teats on the animals’ swollen udders. Fresh milk flowed through tubes, the amounts registered on digital meters..."

The cattle site 4/6/16: cows grow old with good taste

"Older cattle are in demand and gaining momentum as a desirable source of protein. Though technically aged and worn out, the fact is meat from mature animals has a depth of flavour that’s just not found in the young... "

mother jones 4/4/16: a cure for vile hospital food?

"Mindful Meats is a boutique beef company with a creative, if somewhat off-putting, raison d'etre: making good use of spent dairy cows..."


san francisco chronical 2/10/16: a rare romance in bay area's niche meat industry

"Claire Herminjard did not want to date a meat guy. When she met David Evans in 2010, she was looking for business advice..."

East bay express 8/18/15: OUSD Beefs Up School Lunch

"When school opens next week, the Oakland Unified School District (OUSD) will start serving organic ground beef sourced from Mindful Meats ..."

business insider 7/1/15: they finally figured out what to do with old dairy cows

"The next time you eat at a fancy restaurant, consider where that high-quality organic cut of beef came from. It might actually be an old dairy cow..."

SF weekly 5/27/15: Fresh off the Farm: Moo-ve Over, Big Agriculture, Farm-to-Table Is Here to Stay

"One company that's creating substantial change in the healthful food industry is Mindful Meats, the first non-GMO beef company in the U.S..." 

the journey of jordan 9/5/14: mindful meats farm tour: organic, local gmo-free beef

"You’ve probably heard of GMO-free milk but GMO-free beef? The two share a very symbiotic relationship here in Northern California, where thousands of acres are home to dairy cows..."

SF weekly 6/12/14: beef with a mission raises capital to expand

"Claire Herminjard, a dynamic 30-year-old with a big open smile, is perhaps not who you'd expect to find running a beef company -- that is, if you believe in stereotypes, Texas ranchers, and feedlots..."

sonoma gazette 12/10/13: Non-gmo beef in sonoma county

"As of mid-October, burger-lovers in over 20 California cities and towns from Eureka to San Luis Obispo to South Lake Tahoe will be able to purchase a gold standard ground beef..."

civil eats 9/10/13: the woman behind the new gmo-free meat label

"In June, Claire Herminjard, a purveyor of organic grassfed beef, received some great news. After nearly a year of making her way through red tape and government paperwork..."

marin ij 7/3/13: bread and butter: marin's Mindful Meats first to earn nongmo label

"With many choices in hamburger these days many conscious consumers are delving further into what makes up their meat and how it fits into the ecosystem..."

take part 6/21/13: Introducing the First Non-GMO Meat Label

"When Claire Herminjard left the tech industry, she knew what the direction and drive of her new career would be. 'I wanted to start a business, in food, that made me feel like I was doing something good in the world...'"

new york times 6/20/13: U.S. Approves a Label for Meat From Animals Fed a Diet Free of Gene-Modified Products

“'It turned out that the U.S.D.A.’s Food Safety Inspection Service had not yet created a rule for handling non-G.M.O. claims for meat and poultry products, so they just denied us,' said Claire Herminjard, founder and chief executive ofMindful Meats, which makes meat products from organic dairy cows..."