We came together because of shared values. We stayed together because we are having a blast working together making a difference in the meat industry. 

Mindful Meats merged with Marin Sun Farms in January 2017. We are thrilled to be working with a wonderful like-minded company. The Mindful Meats program remains the same as day one, and will continue to source organic, non-gmo beef from sustainable organic dairies. The brand and Mindful Meats program will remain the same. To see other offerings from Marin Sun Farms check us out:

Claire Herminjard, Co-Executive, Cofounder

Claire founded Mindful Meats as a concerned consumer looking for a wholesome beef, locally raised by farmers who take great care of their land and animals. She saw her role as being a connector between those farmers and their local markets, and as working to build a brand that would represent those farmers’ values. Being very passionate about getting organic beef into public schools, she was committed to starting the Public School Lunch Program. Living in Point Reyes California, Claire and her husband manage their land by grazing organic cattle, raising hens, bees and a small herd of sheep for her Border Collie, Luna. Claire got her passion for Social Entrepreneurship - using business as a tool for social good - through her experience in the internet services sector in San Francisco and her education in public policy studies at Duke University. She got her passion for great food - and a great burger! - from her long line of good eatin’ family members.

ALESSA PALMER, livestock Supply and marketing MANAGER

Alessa is a proud native of Point Reyes Station, where Mindful Meats was founded. Her passion for healthy animals, ecology and people was inspired by growing up in the hills of Marin and Sonoma Counties volunteering with the National Park Service and participating in 4-H. Her interests were fostered by her studies in sustainable agriculture and ecology at The Evergreen State College. After working for The Nature Conservancy in Washington and learning land conservation ethics and technologies, she returned to Marin County and studied sustainable landscape design and rangeland management. She spent three years working at Tara Firma Farms in Petaluma, CA where she learned sustainable animal farming practices and helped grow their 300 family CSA to 1300 families. In between working on multiple projects for Mindful Meats (compliance, marketing, and cattle-buying) she plays Capoeira, rides horses and enjoys a Mindful Meats ribeye on the rare-side.

HAVEN BOURQUE, Media contact

Haven founded HavenBMedia to bring communications expertise to food system change. Her group develops communications strategies, trains spokespersons, and teaches social media skills for diverse organizations ranging from prestigious non-profits to small businesses, national corporations and community activists working to reform food systems around health and wellness, social justice and environmental conservation. She is proud of her work with IATP’s Food & Community Fellows, Anna Lappe’s Real Food Media Contest, Roots of Change, NRDC, Bon Appetit Management Company and Straus Family Creamery. She is a judge for NASFT’s first-ever Leadership awards, a contributor to CivilEats.com a Good Food Awards Judge, and was a co-organizer of the nation’s first TEDx conference to focus on farmworkers. A key advisor for Mindful Meats, she also is looking into using the bones of the Mindful Meats animals to create beautiful Mindful jewelry. Weekends find her cooking for friends and family, swimming, hiking or scuba diving. Follow her on Twitter: @HavenBourque.

We work with a collective of organic farms. Meet Some of Our Farmers: