We take great care in how our animals spend their last day. It is no small thing to take a life, and we feel indebted to the cow and all she has given us. We give gratitude for the cow.


Our cows are taken in a small group of cows directly to our harvest facility and are moved together as a group. Our facility is Animal Welfare Approved recommended and is very well designed with the cow in mind. The animals have no idea what is coming. The cows in the group cannot see what happens to the cow in front of them. A door opens up and the cows naturally walk right through it where they are instantly knocked in the head before they even know what is happening. Keeping the animals calm through to their end is not only kind, but also keeps the meat quality high. A stressed animal shoots adrenaline through their body and taints the beef. As they say “you can taste the fear." We prefer fear-free beef and calm peaceful animals through to the end.